Framingham Downtown Common Project
...a part of the ongoing revitalization of Downtown.

Image: drawing of Downtown Framingham, South Common

The revitalized Downtown common is a place of beauty and peace in the center of brisk activity - a place made possible by all of us who take pride in bringing out the best of our town.

It's been a long time coming, but the Framingham Downtown Common is finally coming into its own - again. Mention of the old Common brings forth stories of Nipmuc Indians, King Phillip War, the John Eames family, Thomas Danforth and more recently, disrepair.

Framingham Downtown Common

Ross Miller's design for a complete renovation was selected from those of 55 artists. His proposal honors the rich history of Framingham within a tree-lined park where people can enjoy the solitude or small group events surrounded by, but separated from downtown buildings and hustle and bustle along the streets.

Framingham Downtown Common, (photo #2)

Twelve granite benches, arranged in a central oval, are etched with information honoring the history of Framingham.

Framingham Downtown Common, (photo #3)

The main entrance on Concord Street features an arch where there are two monuments commemorating Native American activity.

Framingham Downtown Common, (photo #4)

The arch also frames the historic New England church which anchors the western end of the common. Specially designed theatrical lighting adds illumination at night.

The project, facilitated by the Town of Framingham and the Framingham Public Art Committee, was supported in part by a grant from the Framingham Cultural council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural council, a state agency.

photos by Scott Zide

Proceeds from the sale of the Framingham Bracelet, inspired by the double tulip design on the rails around the common and the new arch, were used to help fund the project.

Now proceeds are used to fund summer concerts on the Downtown Common as well as other Framingham cultural events and projects. Order one today!

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