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Economic Development Strategic Plan

"downtown" defined

October - 1997

For the purposes of a project of the Framingham Planning Department titled "Downtown Framingham Economic Development Strategic Plan" the downtown Framingham area has been defined as four parts;

1). "The Spine" - from just north of the Memorial Building on both Concord Street and Union Avenue to just south of Irving Square on both Hollis and Irving Streets.

2). "The Downtown Core" - an area which includes the spine, and extend to Bishop Street to the east, to Lincoln Street to the north, to Pearl Street to the west, and the areas including Claflin, Arlington and South Streets to the south.
The Spine...
The Downtown Spine

The Core...
The Downtown Core

Included in the "downtown core" are the Police Headquarters, the former Dennison Mfg. complex, the Train Station, Park Square & South Common, the Danforth Museum, the Civic League, and the Main Library, along with a dense concentration of commercial, transportation, and municipal services intermixed with residential neighborhoods.

1/2 and 1 Mile Radius...
The Downtown Neighborhood

3). Half-mile Radius - just beyond the downtown core the planner's map showed a mostly residential area (in yellow) which was described as the "within walking distance" portion of the downtown neighborhood.

4). 1-Mile Radius - a final circle on the map designated an area marked, (in light red), "Downtown Neighborhood", which extends to the Musterfield to the north, to the Natick town line to the east, and to Waushakum Pond and Western Avenue to the south, and includes includes all of Farm Pond and the Fountian Street area to the west.

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