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Framingham's Tercentennial
Civil War Encampment

The 54th Mass. Volunteers, Company A, "Glory Brigade" represent contributions made by black Massachusetts citizens who fought in the civil war.

Pvt. Reggie Dumas (center) towers over the other members of the
54th Mass Volunteers --- even when he's not carrying the flag.

Pvt. Don White (left) chats with visitors to the encampment
while other members of the Company "A" rest between drills.

Glory Brigade

Brenda Dixon is a re-enactor with the 54th Mass Volunteers.   Brenda portrays a civil war woman left at home while her man is off fighting, (the only difference is she gets to go "to war" with her sweetheart, Pvt. Reggie Dumas).

April 28, 29, 30, 2000 - CIVIL WAR ENCAMPMENT - Framingham Centre Common

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