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The Framingham Historical Society's Museum Store offers a variety of Framingham-related items for sale. Below is a list of books, maps, prints, mugs, magnets, trivets and other items which the Society has for sale. New additions, current prices, and ordering instructions may be found on the Framingham History Center web site.

To purchase any item(s), please check or write to: Framingham History Center
P.O. Box 2032
Framingham, MA 01703-2032

Images of America: Framingham, 1997, Laurie Evans-Daly & David C. Gordon. A marvelous photographic history containing over 200 images exploring the exciting evolution of Framingham. $16.95

The Framingham Story on video! Steve Herring, Town Historian, shows and tells the history of Framingham in this up-to-date format. $14.95

Family Tree - A lovely poster ready to be filled in with your family names. Standard 18" by 24" acru parchment suitable for framing, shipped in a mailing tube. $7.50

History of Framingham, Massachusetts, Josiah H. Temple. A special 1987 reprinting of the 1887 edition. Contains the history of Framingham 1640-1880, with a genealogical register. A must for those researching Framingham's history and residents. $60.00

Notes on J.H. Temple's History of Framingham, 1976, Vera Heminway & Elizabeth Patch. This 27-page work provides modern references for the obsolete place names and terms used by Temple. An invaluable companion to Temple's History. $3.00

The New England Indians, C. Keith Wilbur, 1978. Discover how our earliest people solved the problems of daily survival. Fascinating text and hundreds of drawings. Suitable for ages 8 to adult. $16.95

Michael Simpson, Saxonville Mills & The Roxbury Carpet Company, Gene R. Reid, 1982. The real story of the man behind the mill. $4.00

Wallace Nutting, Louis M. MacKail, 1988. A carefully documented search for the truth about this famous Framingham photographer, author, and furniture maker. Interpreted with good old-fashioned horse sense and Yankee ingenuity. $8.00

South Middlesex, A New England Heritage, 1986, Stephen W. Herring. Describes the origins and character of nine towns, including Framingham. Limited number available. $24.95

high wheel bicycle

Zab, Charles N. Peabody, 1984. Rich vignette of the 19th century life of Dr. Zabdiel Boylston Adams, (1829- 1902) from medical student in Boston to Civil War physician to Framingham doctor. $17.50

Framingham in the Revolution, 1853 address delivered by U.S. Congressman Lorenzo Sabine. $4.00

Land and Sea, Phyllis Waite Watkins, 1994. A little book of poems and songs. Contains the song, "Framingham", commissioned by the Historical Society in 1988. Lovely gift. $10.00

Crispus Attucks, Dharathula H. Millender, 1965. Lively biography of Crispus, son of a slave and a "praying Indian". Born and raised in Framingham, Attucks was the first colonist to die in the Boston Massacre of 1770. Suitable for readers from age 8 and up. $4.95

Framingham Historical Society, Louise Mayo, Pin

Jailed for Freedom pin/pendant - Detailed sterling silver replica of a jail door with a chain and heart-shaped lock symbolizing the 75-year struggle for woman's right to vote. Original was presented to Louise Mayo of Framingham after she and others were jailed for picketing the White House in 1917. $24.95

Maps: $5.00
  • Framingham Plantation, 1699
  • Framingham, 1832
  • Framingham Centre, 1872
  • Saxonville, 1892
  • South Framingham, 1898

Framingham Magnet ... $1.00

Old Academy trivet ...... $7.50

Mug, beige with brown line drawing of Framingham Centre, c. 1840 by John Barber. $5.00

Six Notecards of Wallace Nutting scenes. $5.00

To purchase any item(s), please visit: or write to: Framingham History Center
P.O. Box 2032
Framingham, MA 01703-2032
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