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Spilka Files Gambling Bill Amendments

Filed under: Uncategorized by News Staff at 3:13 am on September 23, 2011
Senator Karen Spilka

Sen. Karen Spilka

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In an effort to protect municipalities concerned about negative impacts from a bill to expand gaming in the Commonwealth, Senator Karen Spilka, (who represents Framingham and other area towns in the Massachusetts 2nd Middlesex & Norfolk districts), filed amendments today with the Senate Clerk's Office to strengthen safeguards and provide additional protections for surrounding communities.

"The legislature has debated and voted on expanded gambling in Massachusetts for several years now, and this year it looks closer to becoming a reality than ever before," said Spilka. "Throughout this entire process, my main priority has always been to protect and support my district’s residents, communities, neighborhoods, and local businesses. I have filed these amendments to ...[read more]

Traffic Alerts & Detours (August 22nd - 26th, 2011)

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Framingham Traffic Alerts, Detours, Delays, sign: Be Prepared to Stop

This sign says it all!

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Roadwork on several major capital improvement projects in town will continue this week, (Monday through Friday, August 15th through August 20th, 2011).

Delays due to traffic and detours around some of the work sites can add to driving times, so motorists should plan accordingly.

The Town of Framingham's Department of Public Works / Highway Division / Capital Projects website offers residents and visitors to Framingham helpful information about current and upcoming construction projects.

You can view up to date traffic alerts, maps of project work sites and traffic detours, and sign up to receive email alerts for all or any of the currently listed projects, (see link below for more info).

The email traffic alert for the week of August 22nd - 26th, 2011 indicates that: ...[read more]

Free Electronics Recycle Event for Framingham Residents

Filed under: Uncategorized by News Staff at 3:07 am on August 14, 2011
Framingham, MA - Electronics Recycle Event - Wednesday, August 31st, 2010 - Noon to 8:00pm

Framingham, MA - Electronics Recycle Event - Wednesday, August 31st, 2010 - Noon to 8:00pm

FRAMINGHAM, MA - On Wednesday, August 31, 2011, from 12:00 Noon until 8:00pm, the Town of Framingham Recycling Center is holding a *Free! Electronics Recycle Event.

Framingham residents can drop off "anything with a power cord or a power button", (tv sets, computers, kitchen appliances, home entertainment equipment, computers, monitors, vacuum cleaners -- if it has a power cord or power button, they'll take it).

Residents do not have to have a recycle center sticker for this event, but will be asked to produce a drivers license showing they are a Framingham resident.

*As this is being promoted as a "free" event, the Recycling Center will waive the normal $10 permit fee for residents who donate (1) non-perishable food item for each electronic item dropped-off.

The food items will be donated to Framingham-based food pantries.

Electronics will be recycled by E. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc.

The Framingham Recycling Center is located 255 Mt. Wayte Ave.,  (the building which was formerly the town incinerator is located between Franklin St. and Fountain St., across from the Juvenile Court, near Farm Pond).


Presidents and Kings Speak Out on Debt Ceiling Issue

Filed under: Politics,Uncategorized by News Staff at 12:02 pm on August 1, 2011

FRAMINGHAM, MA - With no final vote having taken place, and no actual legislation enacted, some camps are claiming victory, some decrying losses and most just knocking the process of raising the nation's debt ceiling so the country can continue to pay its bills.

President Obama released a 2 minute, 20 second YouTube video with his thoughts on the agreement the two major political parties have made.

There is still a slight chance that a Congressman or State Representative, possibly from the Tea Party -- or even a dissenting ...[read more]

Alumni Association Announces Framingham State 2011-2012 Scholarships

Filed under: Schools & Education,Uncategorized by Randy Harris at 1:06 pm on July 19, 2011
Alumni House, Framingham State University
Alumni House

FRAMINGHAM, MA- The Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni, ("IAFSA"), a self-governing, non-profit organization established in 1874 which receives and administers funds that provide scholarships and interest-free loans to FSU students, has announced its list of 2011-2012 scholarship winners.

Scholarships, (and loan funding), are made possible by donations, bequests, and rental of the Alumni House.

Scholarships ranged from $500 to $2500.

Verena Lutz and Mariya Dzhyoyeva were the only Framingham residents among the 2011-2012 recipients. Both received a "Dorothy Larned Scholarship" award. The scholarship, which encourages the sharing of international cultures was ...[read more]

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