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Open Mic Comedy Show - May 5, 2010

Filed under: Arts / Culture by News Staff at 7:09 pm on April 19, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Comedic theater features at The Amazing Open Comedy Mique Show on May 5. Host Dave Hornfischer, stated that he is "thrilled to add another comedic category featured at Amazing Things monthly comedy show". He noted the comedy show in its first year, has featured all forms of comedy including stand-up comics, magicians, jugglers, folk singers, storytellers, and impersonators.

The May 5th 50 minute comedic theater performance and post performance discussion with actor, playwright and director will headline a show that will also include a number of returning and new miquers doing 5 minute bits of PG13 stand up comedy, storytelling, funny folk music and ...[read more]

Amazing Things Relocating to Saxonville

Filed under: Arts / Culture by News Staff at 5:34 pm on February 6, 2005

Arts Center finds new home in Pinefield Shopping Center

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Amazing Things, the new art center in MetroWest, has announced that it will open a 90 seat venue next to Famous Pizza in Pinefield Shopping Center in Saxonville.

Amazing Things hopes to open its new location in April. Larger events will be scheduled in the Framingham Civic League or in Nevins Hall in the Memorial Building, Downtown Framingham. Events organized by Amazing Things will be part of the START Partnership Spring into Arts! calendar.

Visit for details.


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