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Framingham Foreclosure Real Estate Auctions

Filed under: Business by News Staff at 1:16 am on September 16, 2011
(PHOTO) Home at 11 Campello Rd., Framingham, MA

This home at 11 Campello Rd. is slated to be sold at Public Auction September 29, 2011.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Due to economic conditions, more owners of residential real estate than usual are facing foreclosure.

While some properties sold at Public Auction can be purchased below market value, buyers should be aware that many times such properties have been neglected, and in some cases have been damaged or had items such as plumbing fixtures, copper heating pipes and other items removed.

In general, property purchased at foreclosure auctions should be examined even more closely than property sold on the normal residential real estate market.

In addition to structural or cosmetic problems, ...[read more]

Public Auction at Framingham Self Storage

Filed under: General Interest,Legal Notices by News Staff at 6:13 am on February 17, 2011
Public Auction at Framingham Self Storage

Public Auction at Framingham Self Storage, Friday February 18, 2011, at 1:30PM.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - According to a legal notice filed pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 105A, and in order to satisfy past due rents and fees owed, Framingham Self Storage, (the lien holder),will sell at Public Auction at 1:30 P.M. on 2/18/11 at at Framingham Self Storage 160 Fountain st., Framingham, MA 01702, the personal property stored with the lien holder described as:

  • UNIT # 1404, David Player: File cabinets, Furniture, Misc items.
  • UNIT # 1229, Charles Eagan: Boxes, Furniture, Misc. Items, TVs
  • UNIT # 1303, Edson Araujo: Boxes.
  • UNIT # 1314, Christina Marquez: Furniture, Boxes, Misc. Items, Appliances, Boxes, Grill
  • UNIT # 2611, Robert Doyle: Boxes, Misc. Items.

For additional information, contact  Framingham Self Storage, 160 Fountain St., Framingham, MA 01702, phone: (508) 875-5599.


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