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Nobscot Shopping Center Progress Continues

Filed under: Business by Randy Harris at 10:42 pm on October 20, 2011
Nobscot Shopping Center now actively leasing out vacant stores.

New sign advertising that Nobscot Shopping Center is now actively attempting to lease out vacant stores. (photo courtesy of Rick McKenna)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - I have been lucky enough to be involved with the various parties interested in seeing the Nobscot Shopping Center revitalized, and today had a chance to discuss the center's future with the point-man from the newly hired property management company.

Jeff Bruk of Boylston Realty Advisors has been tasked with leasing out the vacant stores in the shopping center.

Jeff has just planted his "FOR LEASE" sign in the shopping center's parking lot, and has designed a Nobscot Shopping Center leasing information brochure to  market the property, (it's in PDF format, Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to view file)

I specifically asked Jeff about the former Texaco Gas Station which is part of the property, (located at the Edgell Rd. entrance to the plaza), and although they, ...[read more]

Nobscot Shopping Center Gets New Property Manager

Filed under: Business by Randy Harris at 6:05 pm on September 30, 2011
Nobscot Shopping Center, 770 Water St., Framingham, MA

Nobscot Shopping Center, 770 Water St., Framingham, MA

FRAMINGHAM, MA- The long awaited "October 1st announcement" about the Nobscot Shopping Center has arrived a day early.

In an email from Steve Sylven of SuperValu Inc., (NYSE: SVU), he informed me that, "As of October 1st, Boylston Realty Advisors will be acting as property manager for the Nobscot Shopping Center", and added, "We will be working with them to finalize design plans and market the plaza to potential tenants ".

Steve also commented that they are "still in the early planning stages, but as more concrete plans come together, [they] will share them", and that they are "are committed to making the needed improvements to the property and actively marketing the space to new tenants".

Boylston Realty Advisors offices are ...[read more]

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