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Jack's Abby Brewing Introduces Framingham Lager

Filed under: Business by News Staff at 11:00 am on June 12, 2014
Framingham Lager - Jacks Abby Brewing, LLC

Drink Local! -- Jacks Abby Brewing, LLC releases "Framingham Lager" in honor of brewery's 3rd Anniversary of operation in town.

Framingham, MA - Jack's Abby Brewing, LLC is celebrating its 3rd anniversary by releasing Framingham Lager, a new beer that will give back to the local community. "Framingham Lager" will be released on Wednesday, June 18th, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Downtown Framingham Renaissance organization for their efforts to revitalize downtown Framingham.

"We've been honored and humbled by the tremendous support the community has shown us over the past three years. We feel that the best way to give back to the community is to invest in it," said Jack Hendler, who founded the brewery with his younger brothers Eric and Sam. "We wanted to brew something that everyone could enjoy. Framingham Lager is a traditional American pale lager, but brewed without any of the adjuncts common to the style."

In the three short years since they opened, Jack's Abby has garnered several awards in the brewing industry, and made a name for itself locally by focusing entirely on craft brew using traditional German techniques to create new lagers.

Framingham Lager is a traditional American style lager brewed with 100% 2-row malt and 100% real hops, no adjuncts. Draft will only be available in Framingham, 12-packs will be distributed throughout Massachusetts.

Visit Jack's Abby Brewing Tasting Room (Wed. - Sat., 12– 8pm), at 81 Morton Street, Framingham, MA 01702.  For more info, visit, or phone: (508) 872-0900 or send email to:



Farmstand at Framingham MassPike Service Area

Filed under: Home & Garden by News Staff at 7:36 am on May 20, 2011
photo - local produce at MA Farmers Market

Massachusetts grown... and fresher!

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Pick up some fresh fruit, veggies and other farm fresh local produce on the Pike!

Starting this weekend commuters traveling the MassPike, (I-90), will be able to purchase farm fresh fruits, vegetables and other products grown or made locally in Massachusetts at the Framingham MassPike Service Plaza from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

The plaza is located westbound on I-90 between exits 12 and 13.

Items for sale may included anything from farm fresh strawberries to baked goods, cheeses, jams and jellies, maple syrup, honey, eggs, flowers and more.  (The vendors are permitted to sell anything that does not compete with items sold in the service plaza restaurants and store).

Aside from the Framingham location, travelers will ...[read more]

TALK - Eat Local - Buy Local With Community Supported Agriculture

Filed under: Home & Garden by News Staff at 6:56 pm on January 11, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- Tom Hanson of Hanson's Farm, 20 Nixon Rd., Framingham will present a talk on community supported agriculture at Annie's Book Stop in the Nobscot Plaza, 774 Water St., Framingham on Wednesday, Jan 13,at 7.00 p.m.

Community Supported Agriculture is in such demand all across New England that many CSAs have people on waiting lists one or two years long. By paying a fee up front, members are entitled to a share in the season's crop and a small farm benefits by spreading the cash flow out across the season. Join us at this meeting, sponsored by the Nobscot Neighbors Association, and learn all about this wildly popular new way of bringing home the groceries.

The CSA model appeals to a wide range of people: foodies who will settle for nothing less than the freshest fruits and vegetables that have ripened naturally. It appeals to environmentalists who want to buy from local sources, rather than support interstate transport from mega-farms on the West Coast or in South America. And it appeals to those who want to support local farms as a way to preserve the rural character of their community. Stearns Farm on Edmands Road has operated as a CSA since 1990.

For over a hundred years the Hanson family has worked their Nixon Road farm, with about 52 acres in fruits and vegetables and another 100 in hay and field corn. As far back as any of us can remember, Tom, Martha and son, Matt Hanson have sold their produce and flowers at the roadside farmstand and at farmer's markets throughout this part of the state. Last year they launched a CSA and membership sold out in the first season. Tom says the CSA program is an ideal way to embrace the needs of modern families while honoring the farm's agricultural history.

The Nixon Road farm is also home to a pick-your-own program and an annual halloween event that has come to be known as Tom and Matt's Excellent Adventure.

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