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Civil War Encampment on Framingham Centre Common

Filed under: Arts / Culture by News Staff at 2:04 pm on May 4, 2012
Civil War Encampment  on Framingham Centre Common (2012)

Civil War Encampment on Framingham Centre Common, May 4th - 6th, 2012

FRAMINGHAM, MA - This weekend, May 4th - May 6th, 2012, the Framingham History Center will roll back the calendar to the 1860's as Civil War reenactors setup camp on the Village Green, (Framingham Centre Common) as part of Framingham's ongoing celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War.

Union and Confederate troops will pitch their tents, along with sutlers, (food and provision sellers). There will be artillery demonstrations, a blacksmith forge and period actors including a review of troops by then President Abraham Lincoln, presentations by Julia Ward Howe, (prominent American abolitionist, social activist, poet and author of "The Battle of the Republic"),  and ...[read more]

Mystery Unfolds from Saxonville Civil War Era Envelope

Filed under: General Interest,Politics by Randy Harris at 1:36 am on September 28, 2011
Civil War Era Postal Cover Mailed to Saxonville, Mass.

Seymour & Blair Civil War era postal cover mailed to Mr. John Lewis, Saxonville, Mass. is one of only two known to exist. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

FRAMINGHAM, MA -After ten days on the online auction site eBay, an envelope mailed over 100 years ago to Saxonville sold for $688.76 to the high bidder.

The envelope, or "cover" as it's more accurately called by philatelic collectors, bears a patriotic image of Horatio Seymour and Frank P. Blair campaigning for President and Vice President of the United States in the election of 1868.

Seymour lost the election to Ulysses S. Grant.

The cover had been mailed from Auburn, Mass to a "Mr. John Lewis, Saxonville, Mass." in the 1890's, (as noted in the auction listing -- the date is uncertain as ...[read more]

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