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Brush, Yard Waste and Storm Debris Collection Days

Filed under: Home & Garden by News Staff at 10:12 pm on November 4, 2011
Framingham DPW special storm debris pickup day is November 14, 2011.

Framingham DPW special storm debris pickup day is November 14, 2011.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - A special curbside collection of yard waste will take place as a result of the October 29th snow storm. Brush, branches, and limbs must be neatly piled curbside by Monday, November 14th, 2011.

The Department of Public Works will make one pass through the Town picking up those materials and will not be able to return to a residence should items not be left out on time. For this one time collection only, it will not be necessary to tie the materials up. However, please keep the area free of vehicles between the hours of 7AM and 7PM so that DPW truck mounted equipment can pick it up.

This collection is for natural vegetation only. Food, trash, construction materials, etc., will not be collected. Bagged leaves will continue to be collected as scheduled throughout the month of November on your regular trash day. In addition, the normally scheduled curbside brush collection will occur on ...[read more]

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