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State Auctions 1000 Items on eBay

Filed under: Uncategorized by Randy Harris at 11:37 pm on May 20, 2010

18K GOLD NECKLACE sold for $1,875.00

BOSTON, MA - In the old days, when Massachusetts State government had items to auction off they would publish a public notice in several major newspapers and mail out a list to a few hundred in-the-know auction hounds, junk dealers, surplus buyers and collectors of all sorts of things.

The state would then take sealed bids for larger items, and arrange public auctions  where a real live auctioneer would call out, "Who'll give me $5.00?, ...$4.00? $3.00?" ...the bidding would start -- and then usually end just as quickly -- with many valuable items selling for pennies on the dollar.

Times have changed and now the State aims to get the most they can for ...[read more]

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