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November 2, 2010 - Election Results

Filed under: Politics by News Staff at 9:32 pm on November 2, 2010
2010 Ballot

Who is Framingham's newest State Rep ?

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Below are the "unofficial" tallies of votes cast in Framingham for the November 2, 2010 Massachusetts State Election. These tallies are for Framingham only, the outcome of the majority of these races and the results of ballot initiatives depend on statewide election returns.

The only race which was decided entirely by Framingham voter is the election of State Rep. for the 6th Middlesex District, the seat currently held by Pam Richardson.  You'll have to read through the list to see who is going to be Framingham's newest State Rep...

Party designations are listed as: (R) = Republican, (D) = Democrat, (I) = Independent, (G-R) = Green-Rainbow, and (U) = Unenrolled. ...[read more]

Where to Vote in Framingham

Filed under: Politics by News Staff at 9:03 am on October 27, 2010
Framingham Votes - 2010 MA State Election

If you don't vote, you can't complain! Be sure to make your vote count on November 2, 2010.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The November 2nd 2010 election is just around the corner. Aside from the contested races for Governor, Lt. Governor, State Reps and other state and local offices, three ballot questions are sure to bring out many voters.

While the Town Clerk's office can provide you with information about where the polling place for your precinct is located, the easiest and fastest way to get the information is from the MA Secretary of State run website:

Note, several people have contacted me this week saying the "Where Do I Vote MA" website would not work for them.  In every case, the reason was due to entering incomplete or incorrect info.

If you enter your address and get a response saying "Your Search Produced No Results" or other error message, try ...[read more]

2010 MA Governor Candidates

Filed under: Politics by Randy Harris at 2:53 am on July 5, 2010
PHOTO - Candidates in the 2010 Mass. Gubernatorial Race

Candidates in the 2010 Mass. Gubernatorial Race

MASSACHUSETTS - On November 2, 2010, the people of Massachusetts will elect their next Governor. Four candidates have made it onto the ballot; Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker, Jill Stein and Tim Cahill.

The table below provides additional information about the candidates and their Lieutenant Governor hopeful running mates. We have also provided political party affiliation, links to campaign websites, as well as each candidate's respective state and national party websites, (for those who are ...[read more]

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