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Overcoming Food Allergies

Filed under: Health & Fitness by News Staff at 9:39 pm on March 26, 2010

Twelve-year-old Brett Nasuti's multiple severe food allergies have brought him unexpected fame in recent months. He is the first person to successfully complete a treatment that appears to have eliminated the threat of dangerous reactions that he and his family have ...[read more]

Food Allergies at School: What Works?

Filed under: Health & Fitness,Schools & Education by News Staff at 6:33 pm on January 11, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- A roundtable discussion about how to keep children with food allergies comfortable and safe at school will be the topic of the Metro-West Allergy and Asthma Educational Support Group meeting on Wednesday, January 20 at 7:00 p.m. at Allergy & Asthma Treatment Specialists, 475 Franklin St., Framingham.

The program is free; pre-registration is not required.

Support group leaders Lori Brockway and Linda Drews will share their years of experience as parents of children with food allergies and as a teacher, and moderate a discussion of how parents can work most effectively as an advocate for their child.

AAFA New England organizes educational support group programs throughout the region, publishes a newsletter, and runs a telephone resource and referral line for people coping with allergies and asthma. For more information, or a free copy of the AAFA New England newsletter or parent checklist for managing food allergies in school or child care, call (781)444-7778 or see

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