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2nd Annual Warrior Thunder Motorcycle Ride

Filed under: Arts / Culture by News Staff at 2:59 am on September 16, 2011
2nd Annual Warrior Thunder Ride

Warrior Thunder Foundation

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Riders in the 2nd Annual Warrior Thunder Motorcycle Ride will be meeting up at the Paramount Harley Davidson dealership's parking lot in Downtown Framingham on Saturday morning, September 17, 2011.

Riders will arrive for registration between 9:30am - 11:15am, and then at 11:30am, they'll put up their kickstands and begin a police escorted benefit/charity ride that travels 50 miles of scenic Middlesex County roads between Framingham and Millis, MA,

The event, hosted by the Warrior Thunder Foundation raised over $4000.00 last year -- all to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project®, an organization which supports combat wounded U.S. "war fighters".

The ride ends at the Millis, MA AMVETs club where ...[read more]

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