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Centercorp to make Nobscot anouncement October 1st

Filed under: Business by Randy Harris at 4:59 pm on September 13, 2011
Vintage Nobscot Shopping Center sign demolished by Centrecorp.

Vintage Nobscot Shopping Center sign demolished by Centrecorp.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - On July 29th, 2011 we ran an article, "Annie's Book Stop in Nobscot Calls it Quits" about one of the Nobscot Shopping Center tenants and mentioned the Town's growing dismay with Centercorp Retail Properties, Inc, the owner of the shopping center.

Following our article, on September 4th, 2011, Megan McKee, the local correspondent for the Boston Globe ran and article, "Officials set focus on mall vacancies", which quotes Framingham Selectman Dennis Giombetti as saying "They [Centercorp] have done nothing but thumb their noses at us for a very, very long time," and mentions the possibility that Framingham could seek to take the shopping center, (and other similarly distressed properties), by eminent domain -- but that it would only be as a "last resort".

On Friday September 9th, 2011, after finding Centercorp had destroyed the landmark sign in front of the Nobscot Shopping Center, we posted an article, "Nobscot Landmark Disappears", with photos showing the sign as it was on September 3rd, and the empty base that remained on September 9th.

After we ran that story, Danielle Ameden of the Metrowest Daily News interviewed Terri Desjardins, Property Manager for the shopping center, then posted ...[read more]

Framingham Save Our Schools Petition

Filed under: Politics,Schools & Education by News Staff at 12:02 am on November 30, 2010
Framingham Save Our Schools website

A new website has been put up with Framingham School Department budget info, and links to an online petition to "Save Our Schools".

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Herb Chasan, Framingham Precinct 4 Town Meeting Member, (and local home improvement contractor), is sending out an S.O.S -- a "Save Our Schools" message.

In September, Chasan, registered a domain name and put together a website, which provides info about recent school budget cuts and prompts visitors to sign and online petition.

The site contains materials listing what the past four years of reduced funding and the latest $6 million dollars in cuts have done to Framingham schools.

While newspapers and talk on the street decry elimination of  elementary school music, or cuts in school bus transportation -- many don't realize the number of education and support positions (and programs) that were also cut back or eliminated.

The website is linked to the online service to allow residents to sign the online petition, which in-part asks Framingham Board of Selectmen to act according to, "..our desire for level service funding of future school budgets and search for sources of additional revenue and cost savings to support this goal."

Whichever side of the Framingham School Department budget debate you're on -- it's worth checking out


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