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Who are OIF/OEF Veterans?

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 10:30 pm on April 21, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Today Americans from many Massachusetts cities and towns, including Framingham are at war.

Officially, the "War in Iraq" and the "War in Afghanistan" are classified as service in either "Operation Iraqi Freedom" or "Operation Enduring Freedom".

American servicemen and servicewomen are returning to the USA every day from Iraq, Afghanistan and other deployments around the world.

Whether or not you agree with the politics of a particular war -- we must welcome these men and women back to the USA in a way which validates and honors their time served and the personal sacrifices they and their families have made in defense of our country.

We can not let another generation of veterans endure the suffering that Vietnam era veterans endured after they returned home.

While many of today's returning vets have visible scars; missing limbs, broken bodies, burns and other injuries we can see -- even more carry the invisible scars of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD), and many have suffered varying degrees of  traumatic brain injury, (which can cause problems with cognitive, psychological, occupational and socialization issues even though the person "appears to be fine").

Below are some of the resources available to OIF/OEF Veterans:

  • Framingham Department of Veterans’ Services - 150 Concord St. Rm 35B, (in the Memorial Building), info can be found by going to the Town website at: and entering "veteran" in the search box, or by calling (508) 532-5515.
  • MA Department of Veterans' Services - information from the State of Massachusetts for veterans can be found at:, by typing the word "veterans" into the search box, or by calling
  • The US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs - website with information about OIF/OEF veteran's benefits, services and programs which can be found at:, or call the VA toll free at: (800)-827-1000.
  • OIF/OEF Veterans of Massachusetts -  an organization, (also known as "Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of Massachusetts"), works on many issues including monitoring legislation related to employment, health care, education, tax benefits, entrepreneurship and many other veteran related issues.  They have a website at:, (they are also active on Facebook -- just enter OIF/OEF in the Facebook  search box) or call (617) 372-8200.
  • American Veterans with Brain Injuries, organization and website "Dedicated to all the American veterans who have suffered a brain injury and the family members who love and care for them" at:
  • Wounded Warrior Project - advocacy, benefits counseling, peer groups, and other services for wounded US veterans,


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