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Laramie Project Closes After Sellout Weekend

Filed under: Arts / Culture,General Interest,Schools & Education by Randy Harris at 4:57 am on December 5, 2010
PHOTO - Matthew Shepard

~=Matthew Shepard=~(12/1/1976-10/12/1998)

FRAMINGHAM, MA - After months of planning, casting, rehearsing and finally performing the play -- "The Laramie Project" closed after its second sellout night at Framingham High School.

I didn't see the play. I'll admit to never going to a play unless my kid was in it. What I did see and hear were an incredible amount of civil rights "in action" and discussed and debated in the schools and on the streets of Framingham.

The photo of Matthew Shepard on this page is so nobody forgets that the The Laramie Project is about a murder. A 21 year old kid was killed by two cowards.  The murderers attempted to use the fact that Matthew Shepard was gay as an excuse for how their planned robbery went very wrong.

The killers were Meth-heads.  They were too lazy to work for a living. The robbery was all about "getting money for drugs".  They singled out ...[read more]

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