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MWRTA Bus Collides with Car on Flutie Pass

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 8:08 am on October 19, 2011
MWRTA Bus Collides with Car at Natick Mall, (October 18, 2011)

Passenger side of compact car crushed from impact of MWRTA bus.

NATICK, MA - At approximately 4:20pm yesterday afternoon, (Tuesday, October 18, 2011), a bus operated by Framingham based MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, (MWRTA), collided with a BMW sedan behind the Natick Sears store.

The bus, (MWRTA #2), which was headed east on Flutie Pass struck the car as it was taking a left turn into Sears rear parking lot seriously injuring the car's driver and also injuring at least three others.

Ambulances from Framingham and Wayland, Natick Police, Natick Fire & Rescue, MWRTA supervisory personnel and Natick Mall security staff quickly responded to the scene.

The entire passenger side of the car was ...[read more]

MWRTA Now Accepts Charlie Card

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 1:52 am on September 17, 2011
MBTA Charlie Card now accepted on MWRTA buses.

MBTA Charlie Card now accepted on MWRTA buses!

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The MWRTA, (Metrowest Regional Transit Authority), is Framingham's local bus service.

Riders may now pay fares for fixed route trips on the MWRTA bus system using the same Charlie Card used on MBTA busses and trains!

Former "LIFT", (Local Framingham Inter-Transit), bus routes are now part of the MWRTA as are several other area transportation systems including the former Natick Neighborhood Bus and other routes have added taking riders into Ashland, Holliston, Marlborough, Southborough, Hopkinton and ...[read more]

Framingham, MA - FY2011 Cherry Sheet

Filed under: Politics,Schools & Education by News Staff at 2:36 am on August 19, 2010

[graphic] FY2011 Framingham, MA Cherry Sheet - State Aid figures.

Will state aid will pay for state mandates?

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Each year the Massachusetts Commissioner of Revenue produces "estimates" of how much state aid each city and town will get for the upcoming fiscal year, (along with any assessments which reduce aid payment from the state).

Known as the "cherry sheet" for the color of paper it was originally printed on, the state now publishes these state aid estimates online.

Below is an HTML version of the cherry sheet for Framingham for fiscal Year 2011, (it was published by the state on July 1, 2010).

The first page lists estimated receipts, (state aid to be paid to Framingham); ...[read more]

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