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Bike Ride Raises $50,000 for Diabetes

Filed under: Health & Fitness by Randy Harris at 11:08 pm on July 18, 1997
PHOTO - Framingham Police motorcycle escort Diabetes fund-raising bike ride, 1997

A Framingham Police motorcycle escort lead riders up Central Street on the last leg of a 7-day, 550+ mile Diabetes fund-raising bike ride.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - The New England Classic is a fund-raising bike ride which left Framingham on July 12, 1997 for a week-long trek accross the New England states, (MA, ME, NH, and VT). The group rode an average of 80 miles per day, spending most nights on college campuses along the route.

A total of about 60 riders made the trip, along with a dozen volunteers including EMTs, mechanics, and average people interested in helping to support efforts to find a cure for diabetes. Volunteers also supplied and drove five vehicles to carry gear and watch out for the rider's safety.

The riders pedaled from the starting point in Framingham (MA) to Durham (NH) then on to Gorham (ME), and Bretton Woods (NH), through Montpelier (VT), Killington (VT), Ringe (NH) then returned to Framingham (MA) for a total of approximately 550 miles!

PHOTO 2 - Riders return to Framingham, American Diabetes Association's New England Classic, 1997

Riders return to Framingham on the last stage of the American Diabetes Association's (Mass Affiliate) New England Classic.

Along with the ordinary touring style bikes, one rider, Bill Goodwin made the entire ride on a recumbent bike, (the type you sit back in and the pedals are in the front of the bike). Goodwin not only covered the 550 miles on this bike, but added to the trip logging a total of 673 miles.

Congratulations and thanks should be given to all who rode or volunteered to help ---- pledges and sponsorship of the The New England Bike Classic raised approximately $50,000 which will go to the ADA to help find a cure for Diabetes.

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