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Presidents and Kings Speak Out on Debt Ceiling Issue

Filed under: Politics,Uncategorized by News Staff at 12:02 pm on August 1, 2011

FRAMINGHAM, MA - With no final vote having taken place, and no actual legislation enacted, some camps are claiming victory, some decrying losses and most just knocking the process of raising the nation's debt ceiling so the country can continue to pay its bills.

President Obama released a 2 minute, 20 second YouTube video with his thoughts on the agreement the two major political parties have made.

There is still a slight chance that a Congressman or State Representative, possibly from the Tea Party -- or even a dissenting ...[read more]

Deepwater Disaster

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 5:05 am on May 5, 2010
Photo of Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig prior to it exploding in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday April 20, 2010

Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig prior to exploding and sinking in the Gulf of Mexico.

LAST UPDATED:  January 3, 2013

While an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico might not have gotten much concern from some New England residents, in the coming months the effects of the explosion and subsequent oil spill at the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform may have lasting effects across the country -- and beyond.

An estimated 70% of all North American waterfowl species use the area and many North and South American songbird species rest or feed in the area on their annual migration routes across the Gulf.

Shrimp, crab and fish catches from the Louisiana fishing fleet have already been affected.

Early on the event was shaping up to be a major ecological disaster -- it could end up causing severe long term ecological damage to the fisheries, nesting grounds and the eco-sensitive Gulf coast.  Hotel and tour operators in surrounding areas are already experiencing cancellations from tourist who do not want  to ...[read more]

Cape Winds Approved by Federal Government

Filed under: General Interest,Politics by Randy Harris at 9:38 pm on April 28, 2010

BOSTON, MA - In a televised press conference today, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that the Obama administration had approved the Cape Winds project which could result in 130 electricity generating win turbines being placed in Nantucket Sound off the shores of Cape Cod.

The project which has been debated for almost a decade draws a lot of criticism from Cape residents and even from some environmentalists who believe the project will detract from the natural marine beauty of the coastal area. ...[read more]

Obama in Framingham - April Fools?

Filed under: General Interest,Politics by Randy Harris at 5:30 am on April 2, 2010

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Ok, it was April 1st, and someone posted the following on their FaceBook wall; "Obama Lands at Marlborough Airport". Now this is something that would seem strange even if it wasn't April Fools Day.

Several "hahaha" replies quickly follow and accusations of, "very funny, April Fools, huh?" start to fly. One friend comments that it wasn't even possible, claiming the President's aircraft only land at military air bases.  The original poster followed with details. ...[read more]

What's in the Health Care Bill?

Filed under: Health & Fitness,Politics by Randy Harris at 6:55 am on March 24, 2010

Yesterday, on March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law; H.R. 4872 - Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010, (commonly referred to as "The Health Care Bill").

While claims of "Medicare death squads", "Government Takeover of Health Care", and pundits claiming the bill will force employers to layoff or fire existing employees, (and make it unaffordable for them to hire anyone new), there does not appear to be ...[read more]

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