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Bring The Kids to Petting Zoo in Saxonville

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 9:17 pm on June 8, 2011
Worker unloads camel for traveling zoo in Framingham, MA

Take a camel ride! Pet and feed baby animals! Enjoy some family fun at the Pinefield Shopping Center, June 8th through June 12th, 2011.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Looking for some family fun? The Records & Burpee Traveling Zoo is setup in the Pinefield Shopping Center parking lot and will be here for the rest of the week!

They will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday June 9, 10 and 11th from 11:00am until approximately 8:00pm, and Sunday June 12th until 5:00pm.

Bring the kids to see, pet and feed baby llamas, pygmy goats,  sheep and other farm animals!

Next to the petting zoo ...[read more]

Xtreme Riders 10th Annual Leukemia Run

Filed under: Around Town,Uncategorized by News Staff at 8:47 pm on June 5, 2011

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Since the year 2001 the Xtreme Riders motorcycle club has held a fund-raising motorcycle run to benefit kids with Leukemia.

This morning hundreds of gleaming motorcycles gathered in front of Robinson's Hardware in the Pinefield Shopping Center and lined up for the 10th Annual Xtreme Riders Leukemia Run. At 10:15AM, the group left the Nicholas Rd. lot and headed up Pinewood Dr. for the start of the 53 mile run. ...[read more]

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