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Join Cub Scout Pack 78 in North Framingham

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 4:19 am on September 9, 2011
Scout Pack 78, North Framingham, MA

Scout Pack 78, North Framingham meets at First United Methodist Church, 360 Water Street

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Scouting is alive, well and continues the same traditions founded over 100 years ago.

In North Framingham, Pack 78 is comprised of boys who attend the Hemingway, Dunning, Potter Road and Stapleton schools -- and they'd like to see even more boys join!

While the focus is on the boys -- moms, dads and the whole family can be involved in scouting activities and spend quality time with their sons.

Could over 100 years of having fun be a good reason to join?

Last year family events included; a day-trip and sleep-over on the U.S.S. Massachusetts, an overnight sleep-over at ...[read more]

Halloween in Framingham 2010

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 2:22 am on October 22, 2010
halloween scene

Oct. 30th -- Rediscover Pinefield Shopping Center and join in the fun with a children's costume parade, crafts (at McAuliffe Library), a Classic Car and Antique Truck Show, safe store-to-store Trick or Treating and more! (Event sponsored by Robinson's Hardware and other Pinefield merchants).

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Below is a list of just some of the Halloween activities taking in place in Framingham during the week leading up to Halloween ..but first, a little history about the origin of this wickedly fun holiday.

It's been a couple thousand years since the ancient Celtic people celebrated Samhain, a holiday occurring on the last day of October which marked the end of summer and time for harvest -- a time when the Celts believed the line between the living and the dead grew thin and spirits of the dead could return to Earth, (as ghosts).   The Celts would dress in costumes and light bonfires as part of the rituals.

Conquered by the Romans, the Celtic harvest rituals were combined with two Roman holidays, Feralia, (a day to commemorate the dead), and Pomona, (a day to honor the godess of fruit and trees). As Christianity became more widespread, All Saints Day, (called "Alholowmesse" in early English), was celebrated on November 1st to honor Roman Catholic Saints and martyrs, and "All Souls (Day)", to honor all departed souls was celebrated on November 2nd.

Eventually Alholowmesse become known as "All-hallows (Day)".  Since the Celtic holiday of Samhain was celebrated the night before, it became ...[read more]

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