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Belknap Pool Memberships Available

Filed under: General Interest by News Staff at 9:42 pm on March 11, 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA - "Framingham's Best Kept Secret: The Belknap Pool".  The Framingham Swimming Pool Association has memberships available.

The pool is open Memorial Day to Labor Day with Olympic Size Pool, Wading Pool for the little ones, Picnic Grove and playground, Tennis Courts and more.

Come and enjoy yourself in a relaxing summer retreat just around the corner from home.

For further info. call 508-877-9726 or and leave your name and number.


Pilot Study Group Forum Thursday Night

Filed under: Public Meetings by Deb Cleveland at 8:06 pm on January 30, 2006

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Social Service Pilot and Comparative Impact Study Group Public Forum will be held on Thursday February 2, 2006, 7:00PM in the Public Hearing Room, Memorial Building, 150 Concord Street.

Forum 1: Public Input

Topic: "The Impact of Social Service Programs in Framingham"

Process/Format: Those wishing to speak will sign their name on a sign in sheet at the front table visibly labeled "Sign in Here if You Wish To Speak".

Speakers will be asked to come up and speak to the committee by the Chair. The Chair will work within his power to ensure that as broad a range of viewpoints are heard throughout the night.

Direct questions will be allowed from committee members to the speakers following initial comments, at the discretion of the Chair. Committee members wishing to ask a question of a speaker will do so only after being recognized by the Chair. Questions to the speakers must be relevant to the topic of the evening.

Each speaker will have a maximum of 3 minutes for their initial comments. Additional time may be granted by the Chair to allow for response to questions/comments by the committee.

Relevance of Comments: individuals making comments not pertinent to the topic "The Impact of Social Service programs in Framingham" will not be allowed to continue, but will be given an opportunity to get back "on track".


Framingham Kindergarden Registration Cut-Off Date

Filed under: Schools & Education by Deb Cleveland at 11:33 pm on March 29, 2004

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Do you have or know of a child living in Framingham who will be five by August 31, 2004? Now is the time to pre-register for Kindergarten '04 (even if a sibling is already in the school).

Register your child for 2004-2005 school years.

Pre-registration Forms are available online at, at the elementary schools, and at the Parent Information Center, 454 Water Street. Any questions, call (508) 424-3420.

NOTE: This article is outdated and saved for archive purposes only, PLEASE CHECK FOR NEWER INFO

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