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European Fire Ants

Filed under: General Interest by Randy Harris at 3:41 pm on June 10, 2010
PHOTO - Myrmica Rubra (European Fire Ant)

Myrmica Rubra (European Fire Ant). Photo courtesy of Gary Alpert at en.wikipedia

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Professor Eldridge Adams studies the "behavioral and population ecology of social insects" at the University of Connecticut. Working with Wen Chen, a Ph.D student, Adams is researching the spread of Myrmica rubra, or the European Fire Ant which is part of the INANE, ("INvasive Ants of New England") project.

Adams contacted Darren Guertin, (Framingham's Conservation Agent), asking that people, especially those involved with nature centers, wildlife sanctuaries, and similar organizations report any sighting of the ants.

The ants are red in color with a darker shade of red to the head.  They primarily live under fallen trees, stones and in the soil.  They build colonies which consists of many nesting sites with up to 100 queens.  Considered an invasive species, the aggressive European Fire Ant eats ...[read more]

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