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Sealtest Factory Selling Off Equipment

Filed under: Business by News Staff at 1:03 am on August 3, 2011

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Most people who have lived in Framingham for more than 30 or 40 years refer to the ice cream production facility on Old Connecticut Path, (across from the top of Speen Street), simply as "Sealtest" -- even though it hasn't produced Sealtest ice-cream for many years.

In-fact, no ice-cream at all has been made at the Framingham plant since April 31, 2011. That's when Unilever, the multi-national consumer product manufacturing conglomerate which owns the Sealtest, Breyer's and Good Humor ice-cream brands finally shut down the factory.

It wasn't a sudden closing, for a couple years Unilever had been warning the last 200 or so employees they would be shifting production to other facilities where utilities, taxes and wages would cost the company less.

After hearing the final days for the plant were numbered, in March (2011), Michael Montville who grew up in Bellingham, (and now lives in Danielson CT), made ...[read more]

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