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Traffic Alert: Less Road, Sewer and Bridge Detours

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 4:28 am on November 28, 2011
Framingham Traffic Alerts, Detours, Delays, sign: Be Prepared to Stop

Drivers should be prepared to stop as single-lane alternating traffic patterns are in use at sewer and road construction sites along Concord St.

FRAMINGHAM, MA- As road crews working on capital construction projects in town wind down for the winter, there is less road work, less sewer construction and should be less detours and traffic delays in Framingham.

Crews will be paving over work sites that are completed and others that will be put on hold until the spring thaw.

The Fountain Street bridge is no longer on the list!  Work to finish that project has been completed and motorists are once again using the bridge!

Some night work being done. The Contractor for the East Framingham Sewer Improvements Project will perform overnight milling activities in the intersection of Concord Street and Cochituate Road, Monday, November 28th through Tuesday, November 29th.

"A" Street - Construction crews will continue to complete site restoration activities, including curbing, loaming and paving on "A" Street, restricting traffic to a one lane alternating traffic pattern while construction is underway. At the end of each work day, normal traffic flow on "A" Street will be restored. Access to side streets and Framingham High School will be maintained.

Arthur Street - Construction crews will continue trench restoration work on ...[read more]

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