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Second Pre-Halloween Snow Falls on Framingham

Filed under: General Interest,Politics by News Staff at 10:41 pm on October 29, 2011

[photo] Framingham Snow Plow

Snow plow parked, but ready to clean up after Nor'easter predicted to drop two to six inches of snow on Framingham, (Saturday, October 29, 2011).

FRAMINGHAM, MA- Having snow even once in October is pretty rare for eastern Massachusetts, but for the second time in three days, snow fell on Framingham.

As predicted, precipitation moving up the U.S. eastern seaboard combined with low pressure and declining temperatures resulted in a Nor'Easter dropping approximately 3" of wet snow in town between 5:00pm and 10:00pm today, (Saturday October 29th, 2011).

The small amount of snow which fell on Thursday, (October 27th, 2011), did not accumulate on roadways as the pavement was still warm from the day's moderate temperatures.

Today's snow did accumulate -- enough so that snow removal equipment was called out to plow commercial parking lots and some ...[read more]

CHASE Mortgage Attempts to Steal Framingham Man's Home

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 8:33 am on May 27, 2011
Ice Dam

Ice dams are caused when heavy snow builds up then melts and refreezes along the outer edge of a building.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Like many Framingham residents, Dwight Woytowick had ice dam problems this past winter. Unlike those who got the snow and ice off their roof before damage occurred, the ice dams on Dwight's home caused $50k damage.

Woytowick's 4000 square foot home which sits on nearly an acre of land off Singletary Lane near the reservoir behind Macomber Estates is valued by the Town at just under $500k.  According to records, the home has been in Woytowick's family for 20 years, and was transferred into his name in 2001.

Current with his mortgage, and fully insured, Woytowick put in a claim with his insurance company.  They promptly cut ...[read more]

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