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Flag Day in Framingham

Filed under: Around Town by News Staff at 3:11 am on June 12, 2011
American Flag

"Old Glory", the flag of the United States of America.

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In June of 1886, Bernard J. Cigrand, a teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin, who also was a frequent writer on subjects of U.S. History, patriotism and the American flag proposed the idea of a holiday to celebrate the Flag's Birthday.

The article appeared in a newspaper article titled "The Fourteenth of June".

Although the original intention of Flag Day was to celebrate the adoption of the American flag, (on June 14, 1777), it has become much more of a patriotic holiday, one on which we not only celebrate national pride for the flag, but ...[read more]

Going, going...

Filed under: Politics by Deb Cleveland at 3:18 pm on September 30, 2005

FRAMINGHAM, MA - Framingham Selectmen hosted a farewell reception for Town Historian Steve Herring on Tues., Sept. 27th, 2005 in the Memorial Building. Herring is moving to Florida near the end of October and leaves a legacy of two books and much research and guidance about the town's history.

Tom Gilchrist, Director of the Framingham Libraries, is also leaving. He notified his staff that he will be leaving in January to pursue new horizons.

The search is on for a replacement for Dr. Helen Heineman, first woman president of Framingham State College, who will also leave in January.

And for those who have been looking for Hammett's, the store for teacher's supplies, it is going into the Cloverleaf Mall, next to Michaels.


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