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Town of Framingham Now Accepts Online Tax Payments

Filed under: General Interest by Deb Cleveland at 9:43 pm on July 20, 2005

FRAMINGHAM, MA -- The Town of Framingham is pleased to offer taxpayers the ability to pay Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills on-line, selecting MCC eBill, one of the fastest growing municipal bill payment services in Massachusetts, to process payments. This new customer service is effective immediately providing an additional option for the payment of outstanding real estate and personal property taxes. Other bill paying offerings will be phased in over time.

eBill accepts verified tax information from the Town and posts it on the eBill website ( so residents can view and pay their bill. Access to their website is via a link from the Town’s website

To make payments online, Tax Payers must first register on eBill. Once the online registration page is completed and the account is activated, residents can authorize electronic transfers from their bank account or by using an American Express credit card. The only information needed to complete a payment on eBill is your current bill and valid bank account or American Express credit card information.

The convenience fee for paying your bill online via ACH (electronic check, payments made using a checking or savings bank account) at 25 cents, is cheaper than a stamp.

Registering is easy and requires minimal information from you.

Please contact the Treasurer/Collector’s Office with any questions: Tel: (508)628-1311,

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