Thanks for not smoking!!! - animation (c)rmh 1998, all rights reserved. We know it's hard to quit smoking, especially doing it on your own. So we've put together this special section at Framingham Online to help you quit.

Here you'll be able to find others who understand the addiction of smoking. Here you will get the support and encouragement you need to help you quit.

Our best hope is that people will help themselves quit smoking, (and help others quit too!). To start, if you need a few reasons to quit smoking, read our list.

Good News: Most smokers are either actively trying to quit or want to quit. Since 1965, more than 40 percent of all adults who have ever smoked have quit.

Bad News: Every day 3000 children start smoking cigarettes.

Stop Smoking / Quit Tobacco Links:

Nicotine Anonymous
Internet home of Nicotine Anonymous, a "12 Step" type program to help those who want to quit using nicotine.
Web site created by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with info on quitting, on smoke-free workplaces, "Quit Stories" from actual MA residents who have stopped smoking.

American Lung Association
Stop smoking, nicotene replacement, teen smoking, women and smoking, and other smoking related issues. Information about lung cancer, emphysema, and other smoking related illness.

American Heart Association
The Surgeon General's reports, tobacco industry info, and smoking-related stroke and heart disease info.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), founded in 1967, is a national nonprofit legal action and educational organization fighting for the rights of nonsmokers against the many problems of smoking.

CDC Tobacco Info
US Government, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), information about smoking and tobacco use. Includes information about how to quit, cessation programs, and "STATE", (State Tobacco Activity Tracking and Evaluation), program info, media resources, youth programs and more.

Help by phone:

  • The American Cancer Society sponsors a "Smokers Quitline", it can be reached at-

    1-800-TRY-TO-STOP, (English)

    1-800-8-DEJA-LO, (Espanol), or

    1-800-TDD-1477 (TDD/Hearing Impaired)

  • The National Cancer Institute can be reached at 1-800-4-CANCER. Call and ask for support, a quit kit, or referral to local programs.

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