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Sign up for a one year $ 100 listing on our new Find It on Rt. 9 page
and receive a bonus listing
($ 60 value) in our Business Directory.

Listing on our Rt. 9 guide includes name, address, phone number and email or web site link.

Please print out, fill in, and mail or FAX to:
(Please include credit card information or check for $ 100 payable to: framingham.com.)

framingham.com Rt. 9 Guide/ Online Business Directory
framingham.com, PO Box 3038, Framingham, MA 01705
508-405-1734 FAX 508-877-8863
sales@framingham.com - info@framingham.com

Contract Date: __/__/__ Price: $ 100/yr for both listings.
Firm: ________________________________________________
Town:_____________________St.:_______Zip: _______-_______
Contact Person: ________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________
Category: _____________________________________________

Run Dates: ___/___/___ to ___/___/____ ( 1 Year)
6-10 character password to use if you wish to edit or delete
your Business Directory listing: ________________
You may email to us, or upload yourself, up to three images
Copy for Business Directory:
Business Name: ______________________Tel: _____________________
Text: Up to 260 Characters including name, address & tel. #
(About three sentences.) Continue on back if necessary.
URL (Web Site Address): ___________________________________

The term of this contract to run continuously for one year. However, any unforeseen lapses in service will be compensated for by extending the length of the contract. The client accepts responsibility for the accuracy of all advertising in, and directly associated with, this contract. The client will be sent an email once the Business Directory Ad is posted. It is the client's responsibility to notify framingham.com of any changes or corrections in the posting within 48 hours of notification. Otherwise, the ad will remain online as originally posted unless the client edits or deletes the listing using his/her password.
Signed: _________________________________Date: ________________
Credit card information: Name on card & card billing address:
Circle card type: Visa, MC, DIS, AMEX; Card#_________________________
Expiration date:__________Signature of card holder:____________________

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