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Standing Committee on Education
PrecinctMemberAddressTerm Exp.
1.William Merriam835 Edmands Rd.1998Clerk
2.Charles Taylor10 Lowery Rd.1998
3.Rene S. Mandel12 Springhill Rd.1998
4.Diane Z. Pabst18 McAdams Rd.1999
5.Marc S. Alpert16 Cider Mill Rd.2000
6.Elisabeth Harney36 Highgate Rd.1998
7.Rolando R. Geronimo20 Berkeley1999
8.Joseph H. Hurd71 Lockland Av.1998
9.David Miles18 Woodward Rd.1999
10.Margo Deane1500 Worcester Rd.2000
11.Norbert H. Riegelhaupt56 Barber Rd.----Vice Chair
12.Linda Fields921 Salem End Rd.1999Chairman
13.Kathryn L. Ferri471 Concord St.2000
15.Christopher C. Ross24 Wood Av. #11999
17.Elaine S. Bradley51 America St.1999
Comprised of 17 Town Meeting Members, one from each precinct.
Members are elected by the other representatives in their precinct.
(refer to GBF : Article III Section 2)

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