Framingham Fire Department Headquarters.  Click photo for more information about all five Framingham fire stations...
Framingham Fire Department Headquarters The town is supported by five active fire stations. For addresses and photos off all stations click here.
Framingham Fire Department
10 Loring Drive (Headquarters)
Framingham, MA 01702
Tel: (508)532-5930


Framingham Fire Station in Saxonville area of town is the oldest active station and was built in 1901.  Click photo for more information about all five Framingham fire stations...


The Framingham Fire Department employs 140 firefighters, 17 lieutenants, 8 captains, and 7 deputy chiefs. 5 engines, 2 ladders, and 1 heavy rescue protect the town from 5 stations. Although the ambulance is privately contracted, the crew members assigned to the ALS trucks that cover the town, must meet and be approved by the fire chief before being allowed to work in the system.

Fire Alarm is located at the RT 9 Station and is manned by firefighters on duty.

A 30 member Tunnel Rescue Team, trained by Boston Fire, is prepared to handle any emergency that may arise at the MWRA's 11 mile water pipe that is 400 feet underground.

The department also has a 16 member Dive Rescue Unit and a 7 member Hazardous Materials Unit. Incidentally, 2 of the Haz/Mat members are part of the group that runs the whole program for the state.

If you have a scanner, you can listen to Framingham Fire Department calls at frequency: 483.4625

For Fire Prevention Information, send email to:

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