Display Advertising Information

While we continue to provide space for legacy display ad, banner ad and "button" ad sizes, we suggest all new display ads use the most popular, current Internet Advertising Burea, (IAB), ad sizes. By using the latest IAB ad sizes insures you, the advertiser, that ads designed for use on framingham.com can also be run on thousands of other websites that support IAB standards.

Advertisers may contract to have ads displayed on a specific page, in a specific location within a page, run across pages in a defined section of framingham.com, or be displayed "run of site", (via our automated display ad rotation program).

Display Ad Sizes

Graphic Display Ads (static): these are traditional .JPG, .GIF and .PNG format image files. All prices and specifications apply to display only or "clickable" single frame, static ad image. Clicks may take visitor to a landing page, website, online form, initiate a file download or launch an email response.

Display ads may be linked directly to a website, a landing page, a contact form or an email address, (so long as ad action complies with our advertising policy).

Our standard display ad sizes are the 300x250 (IAM Medium Rectangle), and the 728x90 (IAB Leaderboard). Other sizes listed below are for reference but may be available on certain promotions or page sponsorships.

Medium Rectangle, (300x250)

300x250 ad size example

The Medium Rectangle, (300x250) size is one of the four most popular IAB ad sizes. As more advertisers move to this format, we will be replacing our legacy, (125x125), size display ads in the majority of right column ad rotation spots, giving these newer, larger ads the most exposure throughout the site. Medium Rectangle display ads may be placed on single pages, or within specific sections of the site, or on groups of related pages, (and/or placed in run of site ad rotation).

Leaderboard, (728x90)

728x90 ad size example

Square Button, (125x125)

125x125 ad size example

Double Square Button, (125x250)

125x250 ad size example

Full Banner, (468x60)

468x60 ad size example

Half Banner, (234x60)

234x60 ad size example

Button #1, (120x90)

120x90 ad size example

Button #2, (120x60)

120x60 ad size example

Micro Bar, (88x31)

88x31 ad size example

Large Rectangle, (336x280)

336x280 ad size example

3:1 Rectangle, (300x100)

300x100 ad size example

Rectangle, (180x150)

180x150 ad size example

Square, (250x250)

250x250 ad size example

Vertical Banner, (120x240)

120x240 ad size example

Vertical Rectangle, (240x400)

240x400 ad size example

Skyscraper, (120x600)

120x600 ad size example

Wide Skyscraper, (160x600)

160x600 ad size example

Half Page Ad, (300x600)

300x600 ad size example

Example ads are actual size.

Advertising Rates

Please see our Advertising Ratecard for information about Display Advertising and other Framingham, MA area targeted online advertising services.