About our Advertising Programs

One of our core missions is to promote local Framingham area businesses. This website has been in continuous operation since 1995. We now serve approximately 1,000,000 pages of information a year, and reach a primarily local Framingham area audience -- as well as many people who are planning to move to or visit Framingham.

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Business Directory

Promoting local Framingham, MA area businesses is one of the primary missions of www.framingham.com, and our Business Directory is one of the most commercially active areas of our website.

Display Ads

Information about display advertising on framingham.co, including traditional, (.JPG and .GIF ads), "new media" formats, ad sizes, placement options and technical specifications.

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Online Coupons

provides visitors with money saving values and is a great way to attract new customers to your business. Customers print coupons and redeem them in person --- a truly direct advertising product.

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In addition to our paid advertising services, we also network with many local organizations and promote our advertisers through other channels whenever possible. From simple display ads, to special promotions and participation in local Framingham events -- our business is to promote your business.