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Framingham's Tercentennial

(Note: contest was over April 15,1997)

Create a logo that captures the spirit and flavor of Framingham's Tercentennial (300th Birthday) Celebration which will take place in the Year 2000 but which we will begin to celebrate this summer.
Framingham is a diverse community of 65,000 residents with a rich and changing history over the past three hundred years.   Five words which symbolize Framingham's Tercentennial Celebration are Diversity, Sanctuary, Education, Commerce and Heart.
Anyone is eligible, including non -Framingham residents, except for Tercentennial Commission members and their immediate families.   There are two categories for entrants, Professional and Amateur.   The Commission reserves the right to reject any and all entries.
Submit one original and five copies of your logo.   Each entrant may submit a maximum of three different logos.   All entries must be submitted on 8112"xl 1" white background paper.   A cover letter with the following statement must accompany each submission, "I agree that all logo submissions become the property of the Framingham Tercentennial Commission. I also agree to have my name publicized if my logo submission is a finalist in this contest."   The cover letter must clearly state whether the logo submission is in the Professional or Amatuer category and must also include the name, address and phone number of the entrant as well as being signed by the entrant.   Any logo submitted which does not follow this format will be considered ineligible.
A panel of community members will recommend six logos, three in each category to the Tercentennial Commission.   The Commission will then choose a first prize winner in the Professional and Amatuer catagories.   The Commission will then select a Grand Prize winner from among the first prize winners.   The first prize winners will receive a $200 award and the Grand Prize winner will receive an additional $300 award and public recognition.
All entries must be received by 4:00pm on Tuesday, April 15,1997 at the office of: Joe Bradley, Room B-35, Memorial Building, Framingham,Ma 01702.   Any entry submitted after this deadline will be considered ineligible.
For additional information contact Joe Bradley, Logo Committee, at telephone (508) 620-4842.

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