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Cushing Hospital Property

(view looking to the east)
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(Former) Cushing Hospital property - once home to Cushing General Hospital which was constructed beginning in 1943 and named for Dr. Harvey Cushing, (WW I).   The hospital with it's 1,750 beds served thousands of soldiers returning from WW II and later was used as a 600 bed long-term elderly hospital operated by the State (until that too was phased-out and the buildings razed in the 1990's).   The property is located between Dudley Road and Winter Street, and the only original building standing on it today is the Cushing Chapel which was spared from demolition amid requests from veterans, their familys, and local residents who asked that the building be historicaly preserved.   Currently the property is open to the public for walking and jogging.   The Chapel is now being restored using $200,000 of state and local money, (and should be reopened by mid to late 1998).   The Town and private developers have proposed many uses for the site including a golf course, recreational facility, or for low income or elderly housing.

(view looking towards the north-east)
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The property is surrounded by or located near Mt. Wayte, the Barbieri School, the Merloni Baseball Complex, Loring Arena, Keefe Tech, Farm Pond, Waushakum Pond, the rail line, and residential neighborhoods.

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