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Framingham State College - the oldest public training school for teachers in the USA.   Formerly known as the State Normal School, and originaly established in Lexington, MA, in 1839.   When the school needed more space it was moved to a new building constucted atop Bare Hill, Framingham, MA (1852).   As the school grew, a second building, May Hall, was added, (named for Abby May of the Board of Education for her part in the school's development).   Over time additional buildings were added including the modern high-rise dormitorys which tower above the Framingham skyline.   Due to the college's significance in Framingham history, May Hall is pictured on both the Framingham Town Seal and on the newly designed Tercentennial Logo.

Perhaps the schools most famous student was Framingham resident Christa McAuliffe who was the first civilian teacher in space and perished along with the rest of the crew of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Surrounding the college campus are many Framingham landmarks including the 1821 House, First Baptist Church of Framingham, Centre Common, Village Hall, Edgell Memorial Library, Johnathan Maynard Building, The Olde Academy, First Parish at Framingham, Plymouth Church, and many other buildings and historical sites.

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