Alliance for Educational Equity

Parents, concerned citizens and legislators from Framingham, MA have founded the "Alliance for Educational Equity".

We are concerned about our community's ability to maintain consistent funding for quality education without increasing the financial burden on local property taxpayers. It is time for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government to assist our communities with educational funding in a more fair and equitable manner. We are seeking individuals and groups within the Commonwealth to join in our appeal to our state leadership for assistance. We also plan to expand this alliance nationally to make a similar appeal to the federal government.

New funding formulas (proposed in the Foundation Budget Review Commission'sReport dated June, 2001) indicates that many communities, like ours, would gain a million dollars or more in additional state and federal funding if these equity issues were resolved.

Three major factors affect educational funding in local communities:

Chapter 70 Funding. The Commonwealth, in its budget for FY 2001 provides general educational funding at 41 percent of foundation level. The average for other states is at 60 percent. We are asking the state legislature to revisit the level of aid and funding formulas and to put in place coherent long-range formulas to insure predictable funding for all communities.

State Special Education Funding. Massachusetts funds special education at 25 percent of the cost to the community. The national average is 47 percent. That is nearly double the Massachusetts funding level. We are requesting that the Commonwealth raise its funding for special education to a percentage more consistent with the national average.

Federal Special Education Funding. Under the original Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1976, and its new version of 1997, the federal government agreed to pay 40 percent of special education costs. Today, it pays about 17 percent. This is an issue that must be addressed at the national as well as the state level.

We invite you to join the Alliance for Educational Equity and work with others in our communities, uniting for better communication with each other, with our Representatives, and with the public. We will work together with our elected officials to resolve these critical public education issues.

Please contact us:

Telephone: 508-405-1657


Alliance for Educational Equity
c/o L.J. Carroll
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