Brazilian Children's Foundation

Brazilian Children's Foundation was founded March 8, 1996 in Framingham, Massachusetts.  With the support of Brazilian and American citizens, the BCF has collected and sent donations of medical equipment, hospital supplies, wheelchairs, clothing and toys to Brazil to ease the suffering of hundreds of needy children.

The mission of Brazilian Children's Foundation is to reach out to the lives of thousands of Brazilian homeless children, while they are still young and receptive, before poverty, neglect and violence crush their hopes and resign them to a life of crime and despair on the streets.

Programs consist of prevention, provision and preparation to offer children a healthier and safer life, and a better quality of life. The organization is dedicated to providing for the children's needs now and to preparing them for a brighter tomorrow.

For more info, contact:
Brazilian Children's Foundation
109 Concord Street suite 214
Framingham, Massachusetts 01702
Phone 508-370-4670
Fax 508-370-7720

Mailing Address:
Brazilian Children's Foundation
P. O. Box 906
Framingham, Massachusetts 01701-0906


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