Leadership MetroWest

Nothing has a more powerful impact on the MetroWest region than effective leadership.

The goal of Leadership MetroWest is to strengthen first-rate leadership and engagement as an investment in the future of the region. The flagship program of Leadership MetroWest, “The Leadership Academy,” since 1986, each year brings together 30 established and emerging leaders from every sector to explore issues, institutions, resources, and opportunities. Leadership Academy fellows engage together in monthly site visits and discussions with local and state leaders and experts. The Academy’s goal is to raise the level of community awareness, civic engagement, and cross-sector collaboration and leadership effectiveness in the region. The unique network of 650 Academy alumni serves as a powerful force for moving the region forward.

Leadership Academy fellows emerge with valuable cross-sector connections, community knowledge, and a strong sense of personal direction and awareness. They are invigorated, committed, and better prepared to help effect community and organizational change.

After an intense professionally facilitated two-day team-building orientation each September, the Leadership Academy meets monthly through June to learn about local, regional and state issues from first-hand sources. Topics explored include Government, Business & Economy, Arts & Culture, Public Safety, Education, Environment, Health & Human Services, Transportation, and Housing.

Another element of the program is a professionally developed, innovative curriculum, “Positive Leadership,” designed to help identify, expand and enhance seven leadership capacities. It is a clear and useful approach to leadership that can apply to business, nonprofits and municipal government, and has a strong personal development component.

At each Leadership Academy day, time is set aside for to work on one or more community service projects that will have a positive impact in the region. Leadership fellows get hands-on experience in every aspect of creating a community-based initiative that will be implemented by the end of the program year.

Leadership MetroWest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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