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  Act of Incorporation

  Upon a full hearing of the matters in difference between the 
  town of Sherborn and the inhabitants of the plantation of 
  Framingham, containing all that tract of land formerly granted
  to Thomas Danforth, Esq., next adjoining to Sherborn upon the
  North and Northerly.

  ORDERED That the said plantation called Framingham, be from 
  henceforth a Township, retaining the name of Framingham; and
  have and enjoy all priviledges of a town according to law: 
  Saving unto Sherborn all their rights of land granted by the 
  General Court to the first inhabitants, and those since purchased 
  by exchange with the Indians of Natick, or otherwise, and all 
  the Farms lying within the said Township according to former 
  grants of the General Court.

  Consented to                        BELLMONT
                              (Royal Provincial Governor)

  June 25, 1700

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