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Town Owned Buildings Department
Parking Garage / Parking Lots

      The Town of Framingham operates the following public parking facilities:

  • Pearl Street Garage - 289 parking spaces, located on Pearl Street, (across from the Registry of Motor Vehicles).   Spaces are sold by monthly permit.   Rates are $65.00 per month for residents and $80.00 per month non-residents.   There is an attendant on duty from 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.   See attendant for details.

  • Waverly Street Commuter Lot - 65 spaces located next to Republic Plumbing, near the Framingham commuter rail station.   Spaces are sold by monthly permit, rates are $90.00 per month.  There are spaces available.   Call Catherine (508) 620-4815 for more information.

  • Hollis Court Lot - 89 parking spaces located near commuter rail station.   Spaces are available for daily parking on first come, first serve basis.   Lot is lighted at night.   Rates are $4.00 per day.

  • Meter Parking - rates are $0.25 per hour, 2 hour limit.

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