What is Patch? .... PATCH.COM is AOL ... AOL is PATCH.COM....

AOL / Patch Privacy Policy

Patch is AOL -- the same company that has been sued by its customers, advertisers, investors, employees and numerous government agencies for its failure to respect anyone rights.

Before posting any info, (even comments), or a Patch articles, you should be aware of their Terms of Use as it applies to your privacy. (The text below was taken directly from Patch's Terms of Use).

Your License to Patch

Patch is built to let you do fun things such as share and upload photos, videos, text, and other information (all of which we call "Content"). When you do this, you own that Content. However (and here comes some legalese), you hereby grant Patch a perpetual license to use, redact, republish, copy, perform and distribute your Content and screen name, including any intellectual property contained therein, in any medium now known or hereinafter developed without payment or compensation to you and without seeking any further approval from you. We may further use your name, likeness, publicly accessible biographical data and any other information in connection with such use of the Content. You acknowledge that our use of your Content may include licensing such Content to third parties and/or using such Content for advertising purposes. In no event shall we be required to seek your approval or provide you with any compensation in connection with such uses.

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'Nuff said?

AOL, the real company behind Patch released millions of user's private data in the past.

They'll even use your own data against you! Remember trying to cancel an AOL membership?? They would have reps look at your account info, then use your children's names to pitch you on staying asking questions like, "Do you really want to disconnect little Billy and Sally from all their friends?"