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The Golden Triangle

(view looking west, towards Worcester)
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The Golden Triangle - some call the stretch of Route 9 in Framingham The Golden Mile, so named for the success of the businesses which have flourished along the road.   In recent years commercial development has expanded into what some call The Golden Triangle, an area which spans from Speen Street to the junction of Route 9 and Route 30, (Speen intersects Rt. 30 in Framingham and Rt. 9 in Natick, MA).

(view looking east, towards Boston)
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From the golden triangle, three roads lead east to Boston; Cochitute Road, (Rt. 30), Worcester Road, (Rt. 9), and the Massachusetts Turnpike, (I-90, which has two exits in Framingham, one at Speen Street at Rt. 30, and one further west on Rt. 9).

Much of the land was undeveloped as recently as the 1950's when Shopper's World, the first indoor-outdoor multi-level shopping center opened with it's landmark dome which was the roof of the Jordan Marsh store.   A connector road, Flutie Pass, connects the property to the Natick Mall, another large regional shopping center located in the next town, Natick, MA.

Note: in 1997 the concept of the golden triangle was used in an award winning Tercentennial Logo design by Richard Thorne, (student, age 15), for the Town of Framingham's 300th Anniversary in the year 2000.

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