Framingham Schools & Education

Colleges - whether you're looking looking for a two-year or four-year program, or just a course to pick up a few credits or some new skills, there are many local Framingham programs available.

Framingham Public Schools (K-12) - links to Framingham public elementary, middle and high school. Also links to town-wide K-12 education resources, Parent Information Center and other public education resources.

Private Schools - religious education programs, alternative learning environments and special education programs including the world renowned Learning Center for Deaf Children.

Nursery, Kindergarten & Childcare - information about private nursery schools, kindergarten programs and childcare centers located in Framingham, MA.

Framingham Schools Bus Routes - schedule and bus-stop information for all routes.

Schools & Education News - read, then post comments & feedback on articles related to schools and education in Framingham, MA.

Framingham School Reunions - we try to promote all school reunions as much as possible with news articles and calendar postings. If you are a reunion organizers, (from any Framingham school, any year), please post upcoming reunion information on our online calendar once date, location and other details are finalized. If you are looking for help in the early reunion planning stages, please email us and we will publish a brief article to help you get things rolling.

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