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Framingham Websites, Blogs and Online Resources

Guide to local websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other Framingham online resources. If you know of other online resources of interest to Framingham residents, please contact us with the info so we can add it.

Other Framingham Websites:

  • FPAC-TV - (Framingham Public Access Corporation), website for Framingham's public access TV.

  • Fred Casselman' Art Blog - blog added to Earth Echo, Fred's online gallery of digital art designed to "help enliven and advance human consciousness".

  • Framingham Views - a nostalgic photo blog about the Framingham that was.

  • framinghammass.info - views and pictures of the way Framingham used to be, lots of photos and stories about Natick Drive-in, General Cinema and other long gone local theaters from David Wodeyla.

  • framinghamnatickretail.com- this website is designed to provide news updates and historical profiles of retail shopping centers in the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is the densest area of retail in the state of Massachusetts, consisting of the land within the triangle created by Route 9 (Worcester St./Rd.), Route 30 (Cochituate Rd.), and Speen St., in the towns of Framingham and Natick. This site describes the changes that that this area has undergone since the construction of Shopper's World in 1951, from the developments of the 50's and 60's to their replacements during the 90's and today.

  • Framingham Family Central - for families with children aged 2 years, 9 months to 5 years old. Council of parents, early childhood educators, child care providers and community members working to build and enhance early childhood services in Framingham.

  • Framingham Special Education Parent Advisory Council - a district-wide resource to parents or guardians of children with special needs - offering them information, support, and meetings throughout the school year.

  • Jenn's Yard - Framingham resident Jennifer Forman Orth, invasive plant ecologist, documents flora and fauna (over 400 species!) she has found in her yard in the Nobscot area of Framingham. A great resource for identifying plants and insects and spiders in your yard.

  • nobscot.org - the website for the Friends of Nobscot, a group dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the Nobscot section of the Framingham.

  • Riley's Cruzin - although it's no longer called "Riley's Roast Beef", (now it's "Redline Diner"), this website has photos of old cars and info about local (MA) car clubs, regional and national clubs, and old car buff resources.

  • saxonville.org - the website for the Friends of Saxonville who lovingly restored the Danforth St Bridge, help with cleaning up the Cochituate Rail Trail, and restoring the Athenaeum Hall on Concord St.

Framingham Related Blogs

  • Nature of Framingham - this is a photo blog about seeing nature in your own backyard in Framingham, MA (USA). Blog is by Susan W. who also posts on the Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) Birder blog.

  • Historic Framingham Blogspot - this is a photo blog about historic Framingham.

  • pedestrianfriendly.com - this blog's header is: "Planning Livable Communities -- Smart growth: How to fight sprawl, reshape our cities and towns and take back our streets" and is thoughtfully written by a local planner and former town meeting member

  • Jim Pillsbury's Blog - local insights, political discussion and related topics hosted by Framingham attorney, politician and marijuana legalization advocate, Jim Pillsbury.

  • The Blog of Bob Baril, personal blog of a "50-something Assemblies of God minister from Framingham, MA".

  • The Hamster - local blogger who writes about "Life in and around Framingham, Massachusetts, aka The Ham".

  • This Is Framingham - a great, homey blog about savoring the variety of places to experience, shop and eat in Framingham.

Framingham Social Networking Links:

  • Framingham Twitter Accounts - our ever growing list of businesses, organizations and other users that have Twitter accounts and are related to Framingham. (NOTE: no personal Twitter accounts are included in the list unless the person is a Framingham public official, celebrity or professional).

  • Framingham Facebook Pages - our ever growing list of groups and pages on Facebook that are related to Framingham. (NOTE: no personal Facebook pages are included in the list. All links were found using search and the Facebook directory).

Framingham eMail Lists:

  • frambors - the website to go to to sign up for frambors, (Framingham neighbors), or framcom, (Framingham Community), email lists for discussion of town issues (the former) and to make announcements, seek help, ask for recommendations, etc. (the latter)

More Framingham Resources: