Kids: Homework Help

US States' Official Websites - need info about one of the 50 United States? Good place to get pictures of State Flags, State Seals, State Birds... even a State Reptiles!

I HATE MATH!!! - now there's no reason to hate it. Easy to understand definitions of math terms, conversion charts, special "Fractions are Stupid!" section and more.

Historical Documents - collection of texts from some of the most significant U.S. and International Historical Documents including; The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech, and many others...

Mad Scientist Network - "Ask a Scientist", "Random Knowledge Generator", thousands of online documents make this "collective cranium" a great science site.

The History Channel - Great History Site! See "This Day in History", photos, maps, texts, audio and video files, links to other history related sites. - everyone loves to read the "real story" about famous (and even not so famous) people. This site offers biographic information on over 25,000 personalities!

Geographia - information and images from many interesting places.

Bug Club - Do you find earthworms, beetles, bugs and other creepy crawlies fascinating or even exciting? Then the bug club is the place for you!

Enviromental Defense Fund - learn about the environment, pollution, recycling and what you can do to help.

Library of Congress - documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story. Special Online Exhibitions, Legislative Archives, and other library services and tools.

The U.S. Geological Survey - provides reliable scientific and information related to the biological, geological and water resource of the United States.

National Archives - America's national record keeper. Web site contains programs, publications, lessons, and activities for teachers and students. See special presentation like "When Elvis Met Nixon" in The Exhibit Hall.

NASA - be sure to check out the special sections for students and the NASA Kids Club.

Smithsonian Institution - tons of educational information from the largest museum in the world!


Merriam-Webster - great online dictionary and thesaurus. Use the dictionary to find definitions, pronunciation and etymology of (English) words. If you're tired of using the same words over and over, type in a word and the thesaurus will suggest other words with with similar meanings.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - search by word on thousands of famous quotes.

Homonym Reference List - a great place to look up those words, like "caret" and "carrot" that are pronounced the same, but are spelled differently.

Britannica - a great resource with articles on many subjects including arts, entertainment, travel, geography, science, technology, nature many other subjects.

Encyclopedia Mythica - over 7000 articles on Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Celtic mythology and Native American mythology.

More Homework Help:

Fact Monster/ - all kinds of facts, maps, charts and with a good dose of educational fun, (site is part of the Family Education Network). - Mirriam-Webster's Word Central for kids.


Discovery - website from the Discovery Channel, lots of interesting stuff!

PBS Kids

PBS Teacher Source - find the meaning and history behind many graphic symbols. - Book summaries like Cliffnotes.