Framingham, Massachusetts (USA)

On June 25, 1700 the land known as Danforth Farms was
incorporated as the Town of Framingham, Massachusetts.

Historical Timeline
Historic events of Framingham listed in chronologic order from the 1600's to the present... [more]

Tercentennial Info
In the year 2000 the Town celebrated its 300th, or "Tercentennial" anniversary! [more]

Cover of book: Images of America, Framingham, by Laurie Evans-Daly & David C. Gordon

Images of America

Book about Framingham, MA, (published 1997). Written by Laurie Evans-Daly & David C. Gordon in association with the Framingham Historical Society. Paperback, 128 pages with over 200 images and 20,000 words reflecting the town's history... [more]

Saxonville Historical / Nature Walk
A project to develop a Historical Walking Tour of the Saxonville area, and Nature Walk along the Sudbury River is underway. (Page will be updated as project progresses). [more]

Early 1900's Common Images
Images of Framingham's Centre Common and South Common in the early 1900's. Images are part of an online exhibit from the U.S. Library of Congress... [more]

Photo Tour
The Photo Tour is Under Construction, but you are more than welcome to look at the images. [more]

Famous Folk Profiles
From Crispus Attucks to Christa McCauliffe; info about people who were born, resided in, or simply passed through Framingham, and helped to shape the town -- and the Nation! [more]

Framingham's Civil War Flag
In 1873, a flag carried by civil war troops was donated to the Town. About $12,000 was raised to restore and preserve this significant piece of history... [more]

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Historic Preservation Projects
Preservation projects and their organizations.

The Framlingham Connection
Connections between the towns Framingham, Massachusetts, (USA) and Framlingham, Suffolk County, England (UK) span the course of centuries... [more]

The Framingham History Center (formerly the Framingham Historical Society and Museum)
The Framingham History Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1888 for the purpose of preserving and understanding Framingham's rich and varied past. The Center maintains its collections at The Old Academy Museum in Framingham Centre... [more]

Historical Narrative
Excerpts from the book "FRAMINGHAM Historical Reflections", published for the town's 275th Anniversary.

Historic Postacrds from Framingham, MA
Old Folks Home, Framingham Mass

Postcards From Framingham
A collection of 100 postcards from the turn of the 20th century... [more]

Historical Documents
Read the text of Framingham's historical documents ranging from the "Act of Incorporation" (1700) to the "Town Manager Act" (1996), and other assorted historic texts. [more]

Aerial view of Framingham High School, (1997)
Framingham High School

Aerial Views of Framingham (1997)
Aerial photography of Framingham shot inJuly of 1997. Including; Memorial Square, Dennison Crossing, Saxonville, Cushing, Macomber Estate, Framingham State College, "The Golden Triangle", Framingham Centre, and other interesting views of our town from 1500ft up! [more]

Historical Notes
Tid-bits of news, old photos, info about books, prints, collectibles and interesting items from Framingham's past are kept here... [more]